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Tools for the next Generation

We’ve put together an interactive series of five videos, which highlights some of our favorite go-to leadership tools. Each video includes specific activities you can do right now and offers tips about how to incorporate leadership habits into your everyday lives. Take a look and get inspired!
Are you interested in bringing Girls Gearing Up to your school or community? Would you like to receive our entire Leadership Toolkit?

We are very grateful to Meta for generously sponsoring the production of this video series.

Tank up on positivity & confidence

Learning takeaways
How to grow confidence
Ways to foster a growth mindset
GGU’s motto “never a failure, always a lesson”.

Be willing to take risks.

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Find Your Own Power

From the power of unity to the power of empathy, power takes on many forms. Explore different types of power to find out what kind of leader you are and what kind of leader you want to become.
Learning takeaways
Explore different types of power
Find your voice and use it!
How to amplify others' stories and lift people up

Develop Your Leadership Style

Learning takeaways
How to draw out others' strengths
Look to role models for inspiration
See the best in yourself and others
Make people feel valued, empowered,

and inspired

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Recognize Your Unique Identity & Embrace Diverse Perspectives

Learning takeaways
Encourage others to share their perspectives
Listen to and learn from other people's experiences
Create an environment where everyone can bring their whole selves

Get ready to be the change you want to see in the world

Learning takeaways
Identify issues you feel strongly about
FInding allies and how to support them
What could you do to become a changemaker in your community?

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